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Learn real French with us so you can you can speak and communicate like a real francophone!


Through our podcast and video podcast

• You will learn specific vocabulary that is not taught elsewhere;
• You will work on your oral comprehension. The pace of the podcast is adapted to your level and speed.
• You will understand and learn by use of clear explanations.


Welcome to ehoui!

First of all, what does “eh oui!” mean? This typical French expression does not have a literal translation in other languages. It can be interpreted in English as “oh yes!”, it’s an exclamation. “Eh oui ! J’apprends le français!”: “Yes, I learn French!”

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Private Classes

One-on-one classes where you can communicate like a real francophone! 


Private classes

The class is 100% you, and I am speaking at exactly your level. I tailor our conversations and lessons to your ability and pace.


We can engage in that natural back and forth of real conversation, all the while improving your pronunciation, conjugation, verb tense, structure, use of everyday phrases, etc.

Real French

Our specialty is to teach you REAL French. Of course, we will use and talk about the basics, the essentials, but we want to teach you the everyday French that real French people use.

Virginie is a very patient and thorough instructor. She is also very kind and makes the class time enjoyable. I definitely would recommend her to other students.

Alex H.

The teacher is very highly-qualified, cultured and professional. Learning with her is such an enriching experience! She designs the class especially for you, and that allows you to improve your French quickly.

Nayanci M.

Senior Financial Analyst

Her classes are incredible! I have learned a lot with her. She is the best!

Mafer P.

Advertising Strategist

Virginie is an excellent teacher. Besides being really passionate, she is also very highly skilled and available. I had the chance to study with her for a year and my experience learning French was really interesting, pleasant and rewarding.

Humberto S.

English Teacher

I am enjoying my online lesson with Virginie. She makes the class fun, while at the same time demanding my full attention, so that I learn as much as possible during the sessions. Her focus in proper speaking techniques, conversational skills and vocabulary beyond the context of learning materials is very helpful for someone trying to improve thier proficiency in French. I highly recommend Virginie!

Arien A.

Strategy Manager

One of the best experiencies of my life! I learned how to speak French and to have fun with it. Virginie is such a great and fun teacher. This experiencie allowed me to translate to my classmates in a exchange in the ENSATT in Lyon, France. I highly recommend French classes with Virginie

Maritza M.

Scenic Artist

Classes with Virginie are enjoyable and very easy to understand. I learned a lot and, when I travelled to France, I could understand everything and people could understand me without any problem. Virginie is an excellent teacher who is dedicated to help you learn.

Aracely L.

Food Research

Fantastic teacher. Really takes thing seriously and is determined to help you succeed. She goes over and above any teacher I have had before, would recommend her to anyone. Very flexible, professional and understanding. Is a master at the French language level and can help with the SLE for federal government employees of Canada.

Davide I.

Program Coordinator

Enthusiastically recommend Virginie 1000%!! She is so knowledgeable, patient, precise, and fun to work with. She draws on her vast experience and wealth of knowledge, and every lesson is inspiring and motivating. She is the best!

Martin L.


Ms. Cutulic is a brilliant teacher and has a special skill in explaining even the most difficult aspects of the French language in an apprehensible way! And she does that in French! I’m an English – Portuguese sworn translator, my native language being Portuguese (BR) and I love learning languages. I’m following Virginie on Instagram and Spotify and I’m learning a lot with her! Merci à vous, Virginie!

Alexandre R.