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Do you need to master French for work?

Would you like to be able to communicate with your significant other in French?

ehoui! is the solution!  I help you through personalized classes online, so you can speak and communicate like a real francophone!

Discover a new way of learning French, efficiently, and at your own pace.

Discover a new way of learning French efficiently, and at your own pace.

How to avoid these 20 common mistakes in French

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About ehoui!

First of all, what does “eh oui!” mean? This typical French expression does not have a literal translation in other languages. It can be interpreted in English as “oh yes!”, it’s an exclamation. “Eh oui ! J’apprends le français!”: “Yes, I learn French!”

Why learn with ehoui!? Finding professionals on the internet can be very tricky because there are… a few people who truly are professional and then there is a big majority who pretend to be professional. I am sure many of you have faced this doubt before.

I guarantee that I will bring you on an authentic French journey.

about me

Hello! My name is Virginie Cutulic. I am a native French teacher. I have been teaching French for over ten years in France, India, Mexico and now the USA.

My passion is teaching. I chose teaching as my career because I have always loved reading and the French language, particularly its structure, vocabulary, and history. I pursued my bachelor’s degree in Modern Literature, and my master’s degree in French as Foreign Language (FLE). I am passionate about foreign cultures and other languages. My goal is to be able to teach French to people who don’t have French as a native language. I taught in many language schools in different countries. I have learned a lot through these amazing experiences and from people from all corners of the world.

With a strong background of knowledge and experiences, I created ehoui!, a program that combines efficiency with humanity. Learning a language is only possible if there is an interaction. And an interaction is impossible without humans. 

My mission

My mission is to help you to reach your goals

Prepare a trip to France

Your dream is to visit the most romantic city in the world, Paris! And you want to have some basics in French to make the most of your time there.


eiffel tower

Study French for business

You need French for your work and you need to learn specific vocabulary that you can’t find in classic methods.


Prepare for the DELF DALF / TEF

Your objective is to pass the DELF-DALF or TEF to certify your level in French.



Learn for fun

You are in love with the French language, and you want to stay in touch with it. You want to explore and understand it in depth.


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1 hour
$35 USD

Live online class

I will email you the notes and homework after class

Personalized follow-up

Free learning material included


You will not be disappointed by this adventure. Below are some of student testimonials


The teacher is highly-qualified, cultured, and professional. Learning with her is such an enriching experience! She designs the class especially for you, and that allows you to improve your French quickly.
Nayanci M.


Her classes are incredible! I have learned a lot with her. Besides, she is very nice and tailors a class 100% focused on what you are looking for. She is the best!
Mafer P.


The best teacher, Virginie! She is committed to the improvement of the class. She is very patient; I recommend her a lot. It is very simple learning with her; classes are not boring. On the contrary, they are really dynamic and practical. In my case, I look for the manner in which to make it easier for me. Furthermore, the class times are very accessible.
Humberto S.


Doubts? Questions? Feel free to contact me!