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Stop making these 40 mistakes in French!

Welcome to ehoui!

First of all, what does “eh oui!” mean? This typical French expression does not have a literal translation in other languages. It can be interpreted in English as “oh yes!”, it’s an exclamation. “Eh oui ! J’apprends le français!”: “Yes, I learn French!”


Virginie Cutulic

I am a native French teacher with a master’s degree in French as Foreign Language (FLE). I have been teaching French for over ten years in France, India, Mexico and the USA.

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You will learn French that is not taught elsewhere!

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Video podcast

Do you struggle with oral comprehension? The podcast is available on Youtube with subtitles.


Private classes

The class is 100% you, and I am speaking at exactly your level. I tailor our conversations and lessons to your ability and pace.


We can engage in that natural back and forth of real conversation, all the while improving your pronunciation, conjugation, verb tense, structure, use of everyday phrases, etc.

Real French

My specialty is to teach you REAL French. Of course, we will use and talk about the basics, the essentials, but we want to teach you the everyday French that real French people use.

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