Common problems when learners rely on free content


Because it is free, you are not 100% invested in your learning.


Because you are not invested, you are not moving forward, you are not progressing.


When you don’t progress, you get frustrated, and most eventually give up.

And the vicious circle continues.

There are a lot of posers on the internet. Many people claim to be French teachers simply because they know how to speak French. Even if I am bilingual in Spanish, I will never teach Spanish.

Why pay if I can have everything for free on the internet?

I will give you an example: I am an independent French teacher on the internet. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Literature and Masters’ Degrees in both Modern Literature and in French as a Foreign Language (FLE). Although I have studied Literature and FLE, I have never studied digital marketing. I therefore have to spend the time, invest the money, learn, practice and apply myself regularly to learn marketing, so that I can market my business as a French teacher.

If I really want to succeed, I will never get very far if I don’t invest. And thanks to these marketing professionals that I have paid for, I have learned lots of things that I would never have learned using just free content or on my own.

Why ehoui!?

There are a lot of podcasts and videos on YouTube. ehoui! podcast started in April 2020, and the podcast video in September 2021.

Why is ehoui! so different?


The podcast and videos are only in French.


The other podcasts are created for intermediate students so the pace is sometimes too slow. I speak at a normal pace.


I choose content that can help learners from level A2 to C1, even C2.


I offer a LOT of vocabulary that you won’t find anywhere else.


I am authentic. My videos very rarely get cut. Why? Because you will NEVER in normal life hear someone speak PERFECTLY, without hesitation. It is a choice on my part to cut as little as possible so that I be as authentic as possible.

What do I offer you?

I invite you to no longer fall into the trap of eternal free, and to be more invested and regular in your French learning. How?


I offer you options to make the most of the content of my podcast and to deepen and accelerate your learning.


Listening to a podcast is good but it is not enough. The episodes I offer are rich in content, and everything I talk about can be quickly forgotten if it is not practiced.

I offer you 3 options to deepen what you learn from my podcast:

The podcast transcript and exclusive access to video subtitles:

With this membership you will get the transcript plus subtitles of the video. With these, you will be able to follow the podcast at your pace; you won’t miss any detail or nuance; and they will deepen and strengthen your comprehension of grammar, vocabulary, context, and everyday usage.


Complete exercises based on each podcast episode to deepen your learning: 

With these exercises customized to each podcast episode, you will be challenged with more vocabulary and more exercises. The exercises are based on each episode that month. Plus, you will be able to finally learn the vocabulary that real French people speak day-to-day; the vocabulary you can’t find anywhere else.

Monthly live quiz + Q&A with Virginie:

This option is the best one if you really want to progress and challenge yourself in French. More than exercises, I will create a fun and interactive quiz on Kahoot about the 2 episodes of each month and you will have direct feedbacks with me. You will also have the time and space if you have questions related to French. I you really want to boost, challenge and level-up your level in French, this is your opportunity.

With this subscription, you will receive:


The professionalism of a qualified, native teacher with more than 10 years of international experience.


Exclusive vocabulary that will empower you to finally be able to talk and act like a native.


Maybe you have some of the following questions. Here are the answers:

What level do I need to subscribe?

I recommend having at least an A2 level.

How often are episodes released?

There is a new episode every other Monday.

When and where does the meeting take place each month for the premium membership?

The meeting takes place on the last Saturday of each month at 5 p.m. Paris time / 11 a.m NY time on Zoom. A replay will be available in the subscriber space for up to one week after the course for those who cannot attend.

But your videos are already subtitled on YouTube, right?

From July 18, 2022 new videos subtitled by me will only be available to subscribers. Videos captioned before July 18, 2022 will remain available to everyone on YouTube.

The subscription concerns which episodes?

Exclusive content is for all podcast and video podcast episodes starting with the “10 Phrases with the C** Word” episode on October 18, 2021.

If I have questions about the exercises or the content, can I contact you?

Yes, in the subscriber area, you can ask your questions and I will gladly answer them.

Will there be transcripts, subtitles and PDFs for future interviews?

The speed and tempo of my interviews are very fast, and beyond what I’d recommend to the students at their level.

How do I change my membership subscription?

Once your access is up for the paid period on the cancelled subscription plan, feel free to purchase the new membership plan of your choice

How do I cancel my membership?

All membership plans are set up as auto-renewal once a month.  If you do not wish to be charged for the next period, please ensure that you cancel your membership before the renewal date. 

What is your refund policy?

ehoui! does not offer refunds. However, if there is an issue, please email: